17 October, 2014

Inspiring Photographs

I have been busy planning ideas for my final photography project and have been researching wonderful photographers; here are some of my favourite photos I've stumbled upon during this process:

 Benjamin Thomas 
 Michael Lipsey
 Nathan Cyprys 
Osamu Yokonami

10 October, 2014


I'm going to Topman tomorrow to buy a hype bag I've had my eye on for far to long, (it's got line drawings and berries on it - how could I not buy it?)

Also, I've been having many thoughts about personal branding: business cards, CV, and such. It's hard to create something that I'm going to want to stick with for a long time because my aesthetic is constantly changing, even if by only a fraction. 

Good night and hope you are all well.

04 October, 2014


On channel 4 is a program I would most definitely recommend. 

It's like skins, but in the countryside - and with a lot more... depth? mystery? deception? Whatever it is it's hard to stop watching, the program is incredibly gripping and the cinematography (ooh the cinematography) is the best.

Will write soon

29 September, 2014

Self Portraiture in Photography

Is something I've recently tried, and love. I did a whole series of me doing odd, emotional or 'normal' faces and then overlaid a things and scanned them (I don't know if I'm communicating this well...)


26 September, 2014


I need this outfit for school... In a sense, I'm halfway there... I have the shoes, the socks, similar bottoms (that skirt I mentioned), I have the same jumper (but in white and from Topshop), now all that's left is the bag, which I was going to buy when I went to London with Lucy... 

Also, I love autumn, it's definitely something much missed and now, well appreciated.