21 September, 2014

Workload Overload

I have crazy amounts of work to be keeping up with (which is why my posts are slightly less regular these days). But it's good because I'm keeping busy.

This weekend I visited various National Trust sights with my lovely mum, it was foggy and gloomy at all but this offered for good photographs and wonderful views. I bought a new skirt from H&M which only cost me ten pounds (and is beautiful, will post a picture when I can). I also bought shoes and sock from New Look because I majorly needed them!

All I have is work on my mind... I need to shower and then sleep... I'm exhausted...

Have the G'est of nights x

17 September, 2014

My Jazzy Experiences

I'd never really considered Jazz as a music genre that I might enjoy, that is of course until I went to my first Jazz concert.

To sum it up in a word I'd have to say: wild. Like nothing else before. The music genuinely touched my soul and entered into my blood. I couldn't stop dancing and swaying and feeling

I can't even remember who it was I saw that night in Bangkok. But it's an experience difficult to forget. When you listen to Jazz live, it's almost as if you can see the music gliding through the air. There's also an element of beauty within the ruins (I don't know why, it's just a feeling I get) (Oh! That scene in Gatsby!!)

Things are going swell. 

I miss you all

12 September, 2014

Indecisive Me (It's an Aries' thing?)

Honestly, I can't make my mind up about most of the time. For example, (ugh), the way I've chosen to lay out my art book is literally stressing me out so much, I want to change it all!

I think that reason I find it hard to make decisions is because I always want to do the best I can do, and frankly: I have no clue what that is. I always think I can do better, and better, and better, and...

On another somewhat unrelated note, I am now a writer (and photographer?) for Froth magazine (check it out here). I'm very exited to be able to write for something with multiple contributors! Life is rewarding after all!

I am very happy to be living and I hope with all my heart that you are too (and that's something I'm definitely certain about).

09 September, 2014

Music for Memories

One More Night - Noah and the Whale.

Noah and the Whale are a band I would 100 per cent recommend you make good memories to because that voice is the definition of a word I honestly can't describe (you'd have to see me now, I charade-ing it). 

A song that's not Noah that evokes major memories of major moments is Boy & Bear - Fall at Your Feet (add this to your list of songs to cry to), that song makes me feel like I'm somewhere else at sometime else entirely. I love music for that exact reason, because it's (basically) a time machine. 

What songs take you back?

08 September, 2014

My Love For the Deep

as in, philosophy, sociology, literature, art and general conversation (I do like deep water too though).

I get this (oddly?) thrilling buzz whenever I annotate something or learn something new about society and our norms, values and how we are socialised. I love when writers are able to say so much more that what they've written through books and poems and songs and plays and ...

I can't stop thinking about things, why things are, why things will ever be.

Here's a poem that struck me light lightning:

It was actually his suicide note, which he wrote in blood and gave to his friend the day before he ended his life. I feel it's incredibly powerful and moved me like nothing really had before. There's a song about it called ' It was written in blood' but I don't want to listen to it really, the poem itself is enough. Ever since I first read it I've had it on my wall (I think that was originally in Bangkok back in  '12). Now it's here with me in England again.

On an almost entirely unrelated note; I bought a new purse from Topshop in Bath this weekend!

The thing that drew me to it initially was (obviously (?) ) the colour. Most of my clothing is monotone so having something with a pop of (my favourite) colour was an exiting proposition. Then when I looked at it close I saw it had tons of compartments and card slots (always important) so it was an instant buy, and for only £16!

I also bought a new bag from Topshop, jeans from H&M and a little slight crop-top from H&M too. So that was fun!

I'll leave you with this gloomy picture and the familiar line: goodbye, my friend, goodbye (but not as permanently as Esenin meant it!)