02 November, 2014

A Good Notebook

is worth every penny. I recently bought a Leuchtturm1917 for £5 (reduced from £10!) and it's incredible. 
Firstly, it's incredibly sturdy (seriously it's so strong), it's sewed together and bound really really well and the pages aren't flimsy and horrid. Secondly, it came with stickers you can you when you come to archive the notebook that fit perfectly into the (impressively sturdy) envelope at the back. The pages don't make the ink swell and leak onto the page behind it AND it comes with a contents section (I LOVE context sections!).

Thinking about it, I haven't written in my diary for a while. It seems that these days there is a staggered period of waiting until I feel the time is right for me to write, when something really extraordinary happens. Back when I started journalling I felt like writing things everyday because I had so much on my mind, but these days I feel most of what's in my head is expressed though my work or writing for other things. 

Have a wonderful November, there's no moon in my window tonight. 

25 October, 2014

Europe 2015

Me and my friends are planning a eurotour in 2015 and it's really really exiting. We're planning on starting out by taking that underground train to Paris and then from there just training all around the continent. 

It's always been a huge dream of mine to go to Berlin and the fact that so soon that could be happening is the best thing ever. I'll also being going to Vienna and Prague and hopefully Warsaw and  oh my God this is brilliant. 

Everything is brilliant. 

17 October, 2014

Inspiring Photographs

I have been busy planning ideas for my final photography project and have been researching wonderful photographers; here are some of my favourite photos I've stumbled upon during this process:

 Benjamin Thomas 
 Michael Lipsey
 Nathan Cyprys 
Osamu Yokonami

10 October, 2014


I'm going to Topman tomorrow to buy a hype bag I've had my eye on for far to long, (it's got line drawings and berries on it - how could I not buy it?)

Also, I've been having many thoughts about personal branding: business cards, CV, and such. It's hard to create something that I'm going to want to stick with for a long time because my aesthetic is constantly changing, even if by only a fraction. 

Good night and hope you are all well.

04 October, 2014


On channel 4 is a program I would most definitely recommend. 

It's like skins, but in the countryside - and with a lot more... depth? mystery? deception? Whatever it is it's hard to stop watching, the program is incredibly gripping and the cinematography (ooh the cinematography) is the best.

Will write soon